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THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE! This is the best time of the  year, but if your not careful you can quickly find yourself feeling like a scrooge . From holiday parties, gift exchanges, traveling, and over crowded stores ….can you feel the stress just thinking about?

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I  have a few quick tips to help manage your time and keep your stress levels down; so you can enjoy your Holiday.

Prioritize your events:

Get out your calendar. Do you have any events planned yet? Do you have events that conflict with each other? Prioritize and  mark all your events on  your calendar. Some of your events may include kids performances, holiday parties, gift exchanges and meetings.  Mark the events that are a priority first, and then do everything else.

Shop Early:

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Do not be a last minute shopper. Take advantage of the early sales to avoid the crowds and long lines. Make a shopping list for all the people you plan to buy for and the gifts you want to purchase. Make it a priority to start early, take advantage of all the sales and special promotions (free shipping).

Make a List:

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Every morning when you wake up, make a list of things you want and/or need to get done for that day. I call this my “To Do List”. Cross off each item on your list once you complete them. This will help you set daily goals. Setting daily goals allows you to see your accomplishments without feeling overwhelmed. You can divide and conquer.

ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN ONE DAY, which means everything on your list does not have to be completed in one day….key word is PRIORITIZE!

It is okay to breakdown your tasks into daily goals and before you know it, everything on your list will be complete.

Make a Menu:

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For your Holiday dinner make a menu and have your guests bring a dish or two. This will keep you from having to do all the cooking.

Don’t know how to bake? This would be a great time to contact your local bakery and allow them to do all your baking for you. Don’t have a baker? Let Cakes By Chantal L.L.C be you personal baker.

During this holiday season, I have an amazing Christmas Bundle Package. This bundle includes a Caramel Apple Bunt Cake, Red Velvet Cheesecake and 3lbs. of Peppermint Bark ( as pictured below) .

Guess what? It can be yours for $90; the first 20 people to order this bundle will receive a 20% discount, making this yours for ONLY $70!


           Caramel Bunt Cake


          Peppermint Bark

                       Red Velvet Cheesecake


Remember to shop early for your presents and take full advantage of sales and discounts. Mark your calendars with all your events, holiday parties, kid’s play, and functions. Make your calendar the one stop Holiday Event Planner, so you can see which days will be busier than others. Last but not least, make a menu for your Holiday Dinner/Party and have your guests bring a dish or two. Get to know your local baker and let them be your personal baker this season.

Two things you will not have to worry about; 1) If you have all the ingredients; and                 2) Running to the store at the last minute because you forgot something. If you live in Columbus , Ohio or the surrounding areas; let Cakes By Chantal L.L.C handle all your baking needs. I hope these tips helped because the holidays are a time to celebrate and make new memories!



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Chantal DeNae is the owner of Cakes By Chantal L.L.C specializing in home baked goodies made from scratch. Her soulful baking will have you hooked with one bite. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best. Go get  your cake.

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