Chronicles of the Obscenest Baker: Ooh, that’s it!

WARNING: “For the Grown and Cake Lovers Only”


I love how moist you are from my touch. It only entices me to want to play with you more. In my bowl getting all whisked up. Whisk it; do not stop until you see the batter is coming together. I want to taste you if you do not mind. The cake looks so damn good I cannot eat just one slice, I want the entire cake. GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!



Oh, the butterflies are floating in my stomach, got me nervously waiting. Full of anticipation and excitement, I want to run away from you but I am unable to move ….paralyzed, hypnotized by you. Your cake is just what the doctor ordered firm, moist and chocolate. I want to savor your flavor in my mouth. I wish I could eat your cake all day! Thick, creamy, richness of sweet love and depth, this is not your average cake. Ooh, no! Let me tell about my engaging wet chocolate cake.



My chocolate cake is the ideal mocha with a mouth bursting creamy glaze filling. One taste will have you hooked, searching for it in the day-time with a flash light only to keep coming back for more. Moving slowly I will savor every part of you in this moment. I will not stop until my mission of devouring you completely is accomplished. Each time you enter my mouth I am overwhelmed by pleasure. My mouth is crammed to its utmost aptitude. I want to inhale all of you in my mouth at once, my chocolate velvet. You taste so good, your flavor is intoxicating. Driving me crazy with your profoundness please let me take all of you!



Every taste seems new, it is like discovering a new part of you each time. Please give me all of you NOW!

I love how you keep my attention by re-creating some of my wildest dreams. You keep the cake moist at all times; it is never dry or over done. No one wants dry cake. It does not matter how much filling or glaze you put on the cake if it dry, it is no good. You know I love your fillings, adding intensity to your moist velvety cake.



Take me to flavor heaven! Ooh, my favorite strawberries and whip cream, please put some on top so I can lick it all off. You are so pure and fresh, do you see how amazing you are to me?


Switch it up, keep me guessing and wanting more of you. Lord, I cannot get enough! I love everything about you….YES, yes this is it! Oh, this is it! Give me all your cake. Oh, your chocolate goodness is completely gone, giving me an oral satisfaction of completing you. I have scrapped my plate clean leaving no butter cream or crumb behind. The only thing left is the sweet memory of your thick butter cream filled chocolate cake devouring my sweet tooth. You were amazing I will be back…. until next time!


About Chantal:


Chantal considers herself the “Soul Baker”. She is a baker, mother, cook, poet and instructor. She specializes in home baked goods made from scratch with old fashion elbow grease and love. As a child, her favorite tradition was hearing people sing “Happy Birthday” with the cake and candles. She did not care about presents.

Chantal has been baking for about 7 years. As a single mother she wanted to make a difference in her and her daughter’s lives. Chantal obtained 2 Computer Science degrees while taking care of her daughter. After graduating she was offered a position in her field of study. After many prayers, she took the step of faith and started Cakes By Chantal.


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