Chronicles of the Obscenest Baker: How to make it rise!

WARNING: “For the Grown and Cake Lovers Only”

Slowly spread it out across the kitchen countertop; do not leave anything out. I want to see every move you make…I want it all!



Combine it all. Making sure everything is well mixed together; with a quick whip of the whisk. The exact speed of your whisk is the secret to perfect baking. It takes a steady-stern hand to handle this tool. As it vibrates and spins roughly and about at varies speeds. It accurately prepares any batter for baking…


Once you have beaten it up just right…

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The batter should be well combined and thickened up a bit. Allow the batter to rest for a few minutes while you grease up your pan. Preparing for the pre-heated oven and bit by bit, discharge your batter into the grease pan.Tab that pan on the bottom a few times to release the air inside the batter. I only want batter in the pan, no air! Now, we are ready to bake…

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Once the pan has entered the oven, close the door! Keep it closed, so the cake can rise to its maximum potential. After about 30mins …it is time to check to see if your cake has risen and fully baked. Take your toothpick very gently poke the center of the cake. Penetrate the cake with about half of the toothpick and remove the pick from the cake. If your pick comes out of the cake clean, your cake is ready! No premature pulling out …

Do not pull it out until it is done!

14992052_10210325843278200_918736023341800419_nAllow the cake time to cool completely as you prepare the grand finale of the  “buttercream treatment”. If your cake is too hot the buttercream will melt on to the floor. No one wants to waste buttercream, leave it on the cake! That is where it belongs! Cover your cake with the right amount of buttercream ; ensuring it is not too much or too little. Do not be shy get up in that cake, really spread the buttercream about.

Give your cake a final look over. Is it to your liking? Did you use enough buttercream? Did you use too much? … Remember the fate your cake rising or not is entirely on how well you beat it and do not pull it out until it is ready…

                             … until next time keep making those cakes rise!



About Chantal :


Chantal considers herself the “Soul Baker”. She is a baker, mother, cook, poet and instructor. She specializes in home baked goods made from scratch with old fashion elbow grease and love. As a child, her favorite tradition was hearing people sing “Happy Birthday” with the cake and candles. She did not care about presents.

Chantal has been baking for about 7 years. As a single mother she wanted to make a difference in her and her daughter’s lives. Chantal obtained 2 Computer Science degrees while taking care of her daughter. After graduating she was offered a position in her field of study. After many prayers, she took the step of faith and started Cakes By Chantal.

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