Chronicles of the Obscenest Baker: I ♡ Your DoughNUT!

WARNING: “For the Grown and Cake Lovers Only”

It is easiest on a flat surface that comes to your waist level. We do not want anything sticking, make sure it is well floured in preparation to receive the dough. This job will require you to use your hands in ways you have yet to experience, so do not be afraid to really get in there. Use two hands if you must. Time to put in some work to get this dough to rise…. you ready?

Cool dry hands are best for this job. At first you feel stick and difficult to gather. Do not be discouraged, keep going. Work them hands on that dough!

The kneading that dough in a rhythmic motion, not too slow, not too fast. Rock it steady, do not rest for too long between turns! After repeating this for a few minutes you may become tired. Hang in there, keep working that dough. If you get too tired use both hands or alternate hands. Once you start you can not stop!

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Place your dough inside a deep bowl with plenty of room for it to rise inside. Let your dough rise in a warm place for a few hours. The dough should double in size! Once it has doubled in size it is all yours for your baking pleasure!

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Now, that your have risen to your maxim potential,  spread it out on the counter top. Things may get sticky so flour your counter top. Now it is doughnut making time!

Roll it….


Cut it…

Related image

Fry it…


Glaze It…warm glaze spread smoothly all over the doughnut!


All done! Enjoy your warm creamy doughnut!


Oh, there is more where that came from. I can make it rise and glaze all night. Would you like to try one? Call me 🙂

About Chantal:


Chantal considers herself the “Soul Baker”. She is a computer network tech, baker, mother, cook, blogger, poet and instructor. She specializes in home baked goods made from scratch with old fashion elbow grease and love. As a child, her favorite tradition was hearing people sing “Happy Birthday” with the cake and candles. She did not care about presents.

Chantal has been baking for about 7 years. As a single mother she wanted to make a difference in her and her daughter’s lives. Chantal obtained 2 Computer Science degrees while taking care of her daughter. After graduating she was offered a position in her field of study. After many prayers, she took the step of faith and started Cakes By Chantal.


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