Chronicles of the Obscenest Baker: Lick Me Off!

WARNING: “For the Grown and Cake Lovers Only”

My sweet flavorful heaven glaze…

Would you mind thinly glaze it all over your cake… deeply penetrating your taste buds all the way down to your warm center. You know how to heat me up; remember?… heat me  up, eat me up.


Drizzle my warmth slowly and fill me with nuts…


Steady your hand, this could get messy. You may want to grab a wet rag to complete this task.


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 Work that icing…

Keep beating that whisk. Do not stop, feel how I tighten up. Once was liquid, whisked into whipped cream. Let me frost your whisk. Gripping every part of your whisk becoming one with your pattern until a creamy coating has formed. What I got is frosting.

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Frost your cake…

with my sugary liquid enriched with flavor! This silky velvet frosting will  have you begging for more. It will make you remember my name!



Taste me..

It is okay. I know you could not help yourself. Stick your finger in, take a taste. The way my icing coats your tongue is like no other. It instantly makes you want to dip deeper into my bowl. Eat up all this sweetness!


Cover Me with your icing…

Be sure to cover your entire cake with my icing so you can frost it up. Start, by spreading my icing all over your cake and in between your layers. Do not over cover your cake with icing, save some for the next time.


Taste the rainbow…

Taste my icing….it is like no other. It comes best in flavors and colors to match. Besides I get to enjoy it at home in my favorite place in the house…the kitchen. This divinely sweet heaven is guaranteed to send your cake to a new level.



Icing …it is always better homemade in the kitchen. Beating the whisk the correct number of times. This icing is just right….. loose enough to cover ,yet tight enough to hold it’s position.

Create a scattering masterpiece by drizzling my icing all over. Drizzle it around and around, creating a playful, teasing coating.

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Squirt me in your mouth…. direct flavor town access… you will keep coming back for a taste of this icing. It will have you calling my name. Begging for just one more taste.

Until next time… Lick My Icing.

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