Bake With Me Workshops

Cakes By Chantal LLC Presents: Bake With Me Workshops!


Let’s MIX IT UP and INSPIRE CREATIVITY!!! Put down the cell phones and socialize over baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes. These custom workshops are uniquely created and fun! Cakes By Chantal hosts several public workshops throughout the year and we offer private workshops for you to gather your friends and family for a great time! Make sure you subscribe to our email list and follow us on our social media sites to receive notification of our public workshops.

Workshop Themes:

Bake & Sip (adults Only) – Guests will enjoy wine while decorate a personal cake or cupcakes  to take home along with a SWAG BAG. As you create your masterpieces you will become BASIC CAKE DECORATING MASTERS! *Must be 21 or older!

Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me –  Mothers & Fathers start a new tradition and bake with your CHILD; how special it can be for a child to spend time creating memories with a caring adult.  Bake With Me Workshops encourages children to learn how to develop skills in the kitchen.

This workshop will teach your child:
* Hand-Eye Coordination: Pouring ingredients into bowls and jugs, and pouring batter into tins are all good ways for kids to practice their eye-hand coordination
* Psychical Skills: Tasks such as holding a spoon, mixing, beating, shaking, pouring, rolling or cutting will help to develop your child’s fine motor skills whilst encouraging your child to smell and feel the ingredients will help to improve his or her use of senses.
* Math Skills- opportunities to help your child learn mathematical vocabulary. How better to learn phrases like ‘more than’ or ‘less than’ than by weighing out ingredients
* Try New Recipes, New Foods- children are more likely to try new foods and eat more vegetables if they are involved in the preparation
* Comprehension: Reading and understanding step-by-step directions, adding ingredients in sequence, and techniques such as folding and blending, are all important components to yielding the finished food product
.* Real Life Science: involves the concept of changing materials: liquid cake mix becomes a solid through baking, juice can become ice lollies when frozen and chocolate melts when heated
* Self-Esteem: Cooking allows kids to get instant feedback, which helps them learn and grow in self-knowledge. Learning a new skill, such as baking or cooking, is known to help grade school children with healthy self-esteem development.
* Communication: your child to learn lots of new words and concepts through discussion while you are cooking.
* Life Skills: baking with children helps develop the necessary skills for full participation in everyday life. For example driving.
* Fun! Having fun with your child in the kitchen builds positive memories, good vibes, and good food. 


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